At R 8 Fitness Ltd, we offer professional personal training, group fitness, nutrition and physical therapy in a studio set in a beautiful location by the south downs.
The trainers at R8 Fitness have decades of experience in numerous sports and activities. As a team, we all have a true passion for what we do and we love challenging ourselves as well as our clients. We all lead by example, following advanced nutrition practices to achieve the best results, leading the healthiest lifestyle possible.

The R8 Fitness team share several world records, British records and British championship titles in a range of sports, so let us help you to achieve your health and fitness goals!
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Personal training In Brighton

With our ever demanding schedule, we often become complacent and let our health and fitness take a back seat. Working with a personal trainer not only helps you stay committed to your fitness regime, but also pushes you to newer and higher levels. The constant motivation and encouragement serve as a boost to your confidence, health and overall wellbeing.

Sports massage

Did you know that there are two highly qualified therapists based at R8 Fitness? Whether sport or fitness related (or more work and commute related!), we can help you with your aches and pains.
Katie Allison is the owner of Mid Sussex Sports Massage which provides professional sports massage treatments to a host of local people, including competitive athletes, weekend athletes, or those just looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
She spends Friday afternoons at R8 and will be starting an evening clinic on Tuesdays. What’s more? She offers R8 Fitness’s clients a reduced price on their first treatment – £40 for a 60-minute treatment.
Want to learn more about Sports Massage and how it can help you? Have a look at my website:


We set you on the right track by providing you with nutrition advice and a personalised diet plan tailored to your lifestyle and budget. By following personalised diet meals along with our one-to-one fitness regime, you can not only achieve your fitness goals, but also maintain a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Group sessions

Full timetable

9.15am Bootcamp (45mins)

6.30pm Full Body Workout (1hour)

9.15am Bootcamp (45mins)

6.30pm Full Body Workout (1hour)

9.15am Complete Core Workout (45mins)

7.45pm Full Body Workout (1hour)

Group sessions

Full timetable

9.15am Gym / Bootcamp / Circuits (45mins)

7.00pm Full Body Workout (1 hour)

7.00pm Yoga (75 mins)

9.15am Classic Strength for All (45mins)

9.30am Gym / Bootcamp / Circuits (45mins)

Read what our clients have to say about us


I have been doing the classes since December and can definitely see the changes! The classes are enjoyable and are tailored to the individuals ability. I would highly recommend this to all levels of fitness. Come and join in Mondays and Thursdays @ 8pm!

Rob and Amy encourage me to be the best I can be, and help me make the most of my sessions. They are are extremely attentive, ensuring I am doing every exercise properly which maximises the benefits. I have never felt stronger or fitter and feel completely in control of my own body. I love R8 Fitness.

I started training with Rob 6 weeks ago. It’s been hard work but extremely rewarding. He really knows his stuff. Before I started I am sorry to say I was ashamed of my body. I had a baby 11 months ago and despite losing most of my weight within a couple of months after the birth, I couldn’t really get back into the exercise as before without injuring something. I then put on some weight. Rob identified my weaknesses and we started targeting those and all round strength. I have bags of confidence already and more than I have ever had before. If anything comes up he will address it immediately from a muscular discomfort to a food query. A highly knowledgeable trainer like Rob can really tailor the training and build your confidence. Trust me I have tried half a dozen PTs. I can’t recommend him enough. Rob you’re awesome. Thank you!

Didn’t actually participate in any activity, only went there to purchase an item. The gym looks very good and our friend Rose was quite taken by the personal trainer guy, if she lived nearer she would certainly use it.

Welcome to the grind!

In Brighton and surrounding areas.

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